The cab and chassis was purchased from Rivers
Truck Center in Red Lion, Pa.
The cab and chassis looked right at home after a little paint.
The body was set on with a little help from #83, and bolted
on, and ready for the toolbox between the cab and the body.
The body was purchased from A & B Garage in
Chambersburg.  The body was built in Canada by NRC
Industries, and delivered to the shop on a flatbed trailer.
The tool box was set on and the Western Star was ready for
its final trip to the paint shop.
After alot of hard work and many hours the Western Star was ready for work.
Truck #04 fitted with the add on axle.
May 2013   After 9 years in service the body on 04 was starting to show its age.  We decided to remove the body, sell it, and
purchase a brand new body from our sister company Null's Sales & Service. The 04 is nearing completion.  Here are a few
pictures of the project.
September 25, 2013   After several months of changes and upgrades, truck 04 is back in service.
Truck 04 is now sporting a 40 ton composite NRC slider body.  Along with the new body, 04 now has four boom winches compared to the
old body which had two boom winches.  04 also now has a rotator style rear outrigger similar to trucks 121 and 131.